Cleaning Service

Every type of cleaning sevice have 12 % discount on sunday , Tuesday, Wednesday

  • Minimum 2 hours = 70 aed
  • Minimum 3 hours = 90 aed
  • Minimum 4 hours = 110 aed
  • Minimum 5 hours = 135 aed
  • Villa 5 bedrooms = 450 aed

Painting Service

All the below points include paintimg meterials

  • Studio painting = 250 aed
  • 1 bedroom hall = 400 aed
  • 2 bedroom hall = 600 aed
  • 3 bedroom hall = 750 aed
  • Villa 5 bedrooms internal paint = 2000 aed
Movers Service
Babysit Service
All types of maintenance
  • Hourly cleaning
  • Weekly cleaning
  • Monthly cleaning

Our Services

Cleaning Services

Kitchen Cleaning

Stepping into a dusty and greasy kitchen is quite unpleasant. Kitchen cleaning requires a lot of effort as it is not easy to wipe off

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Living Room Cleaning

Look around your living room. Does it excite you? If not, then there is something missing. Living room cleaning is significant.

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Office Cleaning

A boss does not only run a business but also runs the property where his business is running. Office cleaning, maintenance

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Dining Room Cleaning

Home-warming dinner, birthday parties, festivities and family reunions often end in laughing and chatting in dining rooms

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Hall Cleaning

Educational institutes, offices, community centers, houses and several other places have halls for various purposes

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School Cleaning

Everyday thousands of students go to school. They spend approximately 6 hours in the premises of school

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Other Maintenance Services

Babysit service

We bring good news to parents who have a professional life outside their home. We understand the difficulties

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Movers service

WISKDRIVE is the solution to your problem. We take care of everything and help you move to your new house without crack

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Tile Repairing and Fixing

Polished and shiny tiles maintain the look of kitchen, bathroom and all tiled areas of your property. A loose, drummy, tented, peaked

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Block Maintenance Work

Worrying about the heating and cooling system, repair and maintenance of a block can be quite tiresome. It is necessary

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Plaster Maintenance

Wise property owners never neglect plaster maintenance. Walls of your property require attention and care especially

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Electrical Maintenance

Electrical maintenance is not a DIY job. You always need electricians to help you out in any electrical repair. Wiring, light bulbs, motors

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Plumbing Maintenance

Plumbing maintenance if exhausting and expensive but not when you hire the right experts. No one is a fan of leaky ceilings and dripping faucets.

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